Germanium_Beauty-Roller (BNH78623)

Item specifics

Item Type:Massage & Relaxation


Type:Facial Massager


Product Description

1.24pcs germanium

2.Non-toxic,scalar technology
3.Fast delivery

4.Golden or purple color


The material: aluminum alloy + germanium


What is germanium?

Germanium is commonly contained in the coal and plants
that grows in the soil, such as Korean ginseng, aloe,
and garlic. The human body has a subtle flow of electric
current called bioelectric current. Healthy condition has
positive and negative current in balance.   Ultraviolet
light and stress cause the current off balance and reduce
negative electron and increase positive electron. It causes
stiff neck, headache, shivers and others.

Germanium has a nature in which if it reaches to approximately
30 degree Celsius, it balances out the bioelectric current and
conditions the skin. It changes congealed blood cell, sludgy blood, back to smooth and promotes blood circulation.


To promote blood circulation, purify the blood and help
regulate blood pressure.

Anti-aging, breast augmentation, explosive A-frame, promote
blood circulation, feel more spiritual when long drive.

To help to liver to release negative energy whose liver function
is not good, improve the quality of sleep, etc.



Need not power

It is very convenient

Help slim to your face easily.


Beauty roller also called containing GE grain which the purity
of GE power reach 99.999% and metal germanium mineral matter etc.

This product is also wholesale available,
wholesale quantity minimum 3 piece

Price: 2199/- But now Hot Offer is 999/-

Germanium_Beauty-Roller (BNH78623)

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